Architectural Accents works exclusively with Commdoor Aluminum (a member of the Toro Aluminum Group), a Canadian company that was established in 1989 to serve the commercial and industrial demand of architectural aluminum products. We have developed a complete line of products to fulfill all your buildings needs. In addition, custom profiles can be developed to suit any application. We can revamp your storefront, plaza, or other building with our custom-designed options.


Designed to satisfy both aesthetic and performance values, we provide a complete line of entrance framing systems which accept a wide variety of standard and custom doors.


We offer a wide range of thermally broken fixed windows designed for renovations, and new construction. Operating windows include casements, ventilators (hopper and awning style) and rotating vent. All framing is thermally broken allowing for high performance.


We offer a large selection of standard or custom doors to suit any application.


In stick built or unitized modular systems, we can provide two series’ for traditional or silicone structural glazing, which is designed to the “Rain Screen Principle.” A variety of mullion depths are available to meet specified designs and wind loads.


We offer a large selection of sliding and bi-fold doors to suit any application.

For more information on commercial projects please contact the office directly, TOLL FREE at 1 (888) 545-9868.